If you are interested for my paintings
or if you would like to order a special painting for your requirements,
it would be a pleasure for me to serve you.
Please contact me.

How does the order of a painting work?

It’s that easy:

1) Do you already have an idea what the painting should look like
or do you wish a creative, individual development?

I can offer to visit the location, where the prospective painting is going to be situated.
So it is easier to see the light and colours of the room which can influence the output.
Sometimes I also see new interesting possibilities for special effects or
objects that would fit in the painting. I can visit you in Vienna for free.
For all other distances we have to talk about mileage....

Or did you see one painting in my gallery that has already been sold, which would fit into your concept?

2) Do you wish a simple single canvas or several (a)symmetrical canvas?

3) Do you prefer a Gallery – canvas with 4cm depth or a regular one with 2cm?

4) Which colours are your favourite and which ones shouldn’t be in the painting?

5) Which style do you prefer: modern, abstract, fancy or authentic?

6) Do you wish special effects, something extraordinary?
Then be surprised by my ideas.... ;o)

After establishing contacts and review of the points mentioned above, I start to
create a sketch in colour, so that you can get an idea of the finished painting.
Please be aware, that I’m a visual artist and no trader.
The more freedom I get for creating the work of art, the more creativeness and the more
energy will flow into the output. That’s because from the beginning on,
I have a picture in my mind what it is going to look like, and if this vision is
destroyed by too many barrieres and changings, it is not the same fun to develop
the painting- I prefer painting my visions to handed out sketches.

Afterwards we discuss the sketch together and you will get an offer for the price
and the time it will take to realise the painting.

If the pre-conversation can convince you and you like the idea / the sketch and you
agree that I translate it into action-
it is a binding contract between you and me,
therefore that you have to buy the painting in the end! Most individually created paintings
are impossible to sell to someone else, if you decide later not to buy it.
This would cause heavy losses to me- I hope this is comprehensible.

Last but not least I want to emphazise that it is
NOT POSSIBLE to create copies
of already sold paintings from me.
Every client of mine can be sure, that his bought paintings
will last a rarity.


Let yourself be enchanted by your own individually created
painting, like so many clients have been before.
If you put your trust in me, I will bring colour into your life,
combined with several different materials and
techniques of art.
A new part in your lebensraum or working place.

And if you are satisfied with my painting hanging on your wall- please pass it on :o)

Thanks a lot!