Art has always been a part of my life- even though it first seemed to be just hidden or weak. It showed up in diffrent ways and although I knew that I was somehow talented, I never dared to leave ‘the right way’ to do something- that I thought of being ‘reckless or irrational’ and build up on my creative abilities.

I grew up in the 22nd district in Vienna, daughter of a creative illustrator and a talented mother with manual skills. I inherited their gifts and slipped easily through highschool and university and my special interest lay in foreign countries and languages. Learning was easy for me so I decided to study international economic business and improve my language skills with foreign
practical trainings.

After gratuation I started to work in the public sector- Vienna Hospitalisation Company- where I had the chance to climb the career ladder in short time. Today I can be proud of calling myself a project leader and look back on alsovery creative moments. I have created advertising material, internetsites, designed
logos and brought winning games into life. I’ve won an award, gained experiencein interior design, sketching and sewing clothes, drawing with coloured pencils,...

And in all different functionings I have worked I've always found a way to use my creativity to make my work more perfect and satisfying.

In 2008 it finally happened. I moved into a new office and had the chance to choose my own furniture and colours for the walls. Afterwards I searched for a fitting painting including my favourite colour turquoise. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a special, extraordinary painting in the size and colour I was looking for.
I also searched on the Internet but they were mostly unaffordable-
nowadays I now why.....

So I decided to paint a similar painting to those I liked and place it on a canvas that matched my office. I had never painted with acrylic paint before and I never visited an art lesson. Most of all I had no idea how to use a brush correctly. And last but not
least my last drawings with pencils in highschool were long ago. However, I decided that didn’t matter and it was like a miracle. I really did it and although I was very critical with my first output my colleagues in my office were so excited about it,
that they begged me to paint some for them too. So I started to create more paintings and I couldn’t stop making sketches of future projects, look for new special effects, new colours, styles, methodes,... It was and is an addiction. I made my first catalog of all my works and shortly afterwards I was asked for my
first participation in a vernissage- it was incredible!

This was the beginning of a successful creative new life, the passion that had beenhidden for so long was finally unleashed and there is nothing, that is going to stop it now.
Even at night it happens that I have to keep hold of ideas with the help of sketches, as if it was always destiny to paint in my life and the power of this force has overwhelmed everything else....

Because of all my clients, prospective customers, orders,
congratulations, this hobby stays alive and grows bigger and bigger...

Thanks to you, for being a part of it!

Things that might interest you:

I grew up in Vienna

Study: international economic business

Language skills: English, French, partly Italian, Croatian and Spanish

Favourite colour: turquoise

Favourite book: twilight saga

Favourite movie: James Cameron’s Avatar

Hobbies: painting, travelling, singing, dancing, shopping, puzzles, learning languages,...

My motto: Live your dreams! And- Everything is possible with the right attitude ;o)