Art is different in everbody's eyes:

As I started to paint in 2008 I never thought of starting a new passion. I have never studied arts and I never visited creative workshops or trainings. Today I know that I have a special gift, which was sleeping the last years just to get the chance to break through the surface - one day. And this day changed everything. A lot of people call me autodidact - a word I really had to looking out in the dictionary - nowadays I wonder if they were right....

Starting to paint was a coincidence for me and I hope this passion will never leave me again.

Decide for yourself, if my paintings are also art in your eyes and if they can touch you by their colours and emotions. Creating them every day is a challenge and a surprise and somehow also an addiction.

There are no barriers in techniques or styles for me. I draw a sketch on a piece of paper and turn it into reality. At the same time I always carry out experiments with new materials to make the paintings more special and unique.

Several manual workers support my projects, to add acrylic glass, mirrors, crystals, aluminium, lamps, wood, gold leaf, plants, my works. Even the sometimes handmade canvas are, because of their special form and asymmetric order, an art by their own.